A group of Cobb County firefighters were decontaminated after a warehouse fire in Austell late Thursday.

Firefighters were called to the Lance Alliance and Textile Company on Second Flags Drive at 11:50 p.m. Firefighters said cleaning supplies had caught fire.

“They do dry cleaning services for professional cleaning materials and chemicals, and that’s what was on fire,” Cobb firefighter Michele Ice said.

When firefighters arrived, they said they saw flames through bay doors at the loading dock.

“There was a small fire they were able to extinguish it, and most of it was already out by the sprinkler system,” Ice said.

Ice said fire crews came in contact with inflamed hazardous chemicals, and the county’s Hazmat team was called in.

“The gear they wear, we just wanted to brush them off with mild soap and water and make sure that stuff doesn’t eat away at some of the lining. It’s an acid type base,” Ice said.

Investigators said they were trying to determine the cause of the fire.