Sometimes, you may get into legal issues in Atlanta and not know how to sort it out. It could be either getting a divorce, willing a property, getting into altercations among many others. You could end up paying excessive legal fees f you don’t know what to do, or worse still land in jail.

In situations like this, it’s best to hire a good Atlanta lawyer to assist you in your case. Atlanta lawyers have comprehensive knowledge of how the legal system in Atlanta works and a good lawyer can assist you in sorting out your issues and ensuring you get the best deal possible.

But most people have not had dealings with lawyers before, and due to the numerous amounts of lawyers in Atlanta, it may be tedious to choose the one best suited for your needs. The following will assist you in making the process of finding a good Atlanta lawyer easy and fast.

Ways to find a reliable attorney in Atlanta

The following are some steps that would aid you in hiring an Atlanta lawyer. They include;

Referrals and recommendations;

This is the easiest process to follow when trying to find a good Atlanta lawyer. You can ask your close family and friends to provide you with referrals. They would be able to direct you to lawyers that have assisted them in previous cases.

You can also ask business owners in your vicinity. A business startup has to do with the filling up of various forms and registration of business among others. Business owners are more likely to have dealt with an Atlanta lawyer in the past and are certain to lead you in the right direction to finding a good one.


You can also view advertisement pages on newspapers or hit the internet to search for your lawyers. A lot of lawyers in Atlanta list their telephone numbers, names, addresses and the services they render on magazines and newspapers, billboards, the internet and a variety of other places.

The majority of them may even input their fees which would aid in making your selection process a lot easier.

Non-profit groups;

Groups that are not for profit purposes but are interested in housing discrimination and civil rights may be able to assist you in looking for an Atlanta lawyer. The majority of these groups have lawyers who deal with their cases and may help direct you to a prominent lawyer that can help you out. In other situations, they might even direct you to groups of lawyers that might have an interest in your situation.

Prepaid legal services plans;

Just like insurance through your employer, you might be part of a legal insurance through your labor union, employer or Credit Card Company. This plan may provide coverage for all your legal requirements. Because of the monthly or yearly premium you pay, they might provide a lawyer for you at a reduced price.

Although there are a lot of ways to find a good Atlanta lawyer, the following are some ways that would point you in the direction of a good one for your legal needs.