A woman with four kids, and another on the way, is pleading for the public’s help in finding her husband’s killer.

Someone fatally shot Jamo Benton early Saturday Morning. His wife, Beatrice Benton, said she got the news when a medical examiner knocked on her door.

“And he said that’ your husband… your husband was found deceased,'” Benton tearfully recalled. “They didn’t have to take his life.”

Benton was a block away from home when the family believes someone robbed and shot him at the corner of Joseph E. Boone and Cairo Streets in Northwest Atlanta.

His wife said he was hit in the chest and in the side.

The cable installer’s family gathered at his home and wanted to deliver this message. “If anybody knows or seen something, don’t just stay silent, cause this could happen to you as well,” Benton said.

“Somebody had to know or see something,” Chapelle Benton, Jamo’s sister, said.

“We need to solve this here, and help the police. Give them the information that they value and need. They’re no good without us,” Benton’s brother, Leon, said.

The Bentons had four children and had planted the seed for another. “I have a baby on the way so the child will not know his father at all,” Benton said.

Benton said her husband was her protector, the breadwinner in the family. Now he’s gone and she’s left with this thought.

“Whose heart can be so cruel and so hard that you would just take somebody’s life for what? For nothing,” she said.

In the meantime, the Bentons are doing their own police work. They are canvassing the area in hopes of finding someone who saw or knows something. “Please come forward,” Benton pleaded to the person who shot the man she said was her life.