Tuesday’s rainy weather brought a tree crashing down onto a home in Atlanta’s Virginia-Highland neighborhood. A neighbor says the home was under renovation, and the work had just been finished when the tree fell.

“I woke up to a rumble, it sounded like thunder, about 6:20 a.m.,” said neighbor Aron Glinsky.
At first, Glinksy feared that noise was limbs brought down by the wind crashing onto his property. A quick inspection revealed an entire tree crashed into a home next door on Rosewood Drive.
“I first thought it might be a tree in my own yard. I ran around looking outside the windows and when I didn’t see anything, I knew it was our majestic tree on the corner,” said Glinsky.
A builder says he put six months worth of work into getting the bungalow-style home ready to be sold. He just found a buyer, only to see the work and most of the home leveled. He says he plans to rebuild and recover.

Glinksy says the tree looming over the corner was a huge concern for a long time.

“That tree’s been leaning toward that house for a number of years.  There’s been a lot of discussion with the city, and previous owners about that tree and we all knew the possible likelihood of a crash one day might happen,” Glinsky said.

In Sandy Springs, Sam and Pat Heys say they were asleep when they heard a loud crash, and felt the house shake. They soon discovered their home on Elden Drive and Green Hill place was split down the center by a tree.

“I thought the earth was shaking. Everything was shaking, it was like a big blast, enormous blast,” said Pat Heys.

They say over the years they have been able to cut down several large trees in their yard, but had not been able to cut down the one that fell on their home.

“I didn’t have to go outside. All I had to do was step out in the hallway and I saw where it was, and it had come down into the living room and into the hallway and water was already coming in. So, I knew what was going on,” said Sam Heys.

The couple was not injured. They say their house suffered considerable damage.

Authorities in Cobb County say a tree fell onto a home on Brackett Drive at Windy Hill, and authorities in Chamblee say a tree brought down power lines on Vanet Street at Teal Street.