Drivers could be taxed on the number of miles they drive, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

Insurance companies already track customers who give their permission.

“Some companies use a gadget that you plug into your computer system,” said Dave Colman with the Georgia Insurance Information Service.

“Fundamentally, it has a little cellphone built into it and they know how many miles you’ve driven and that sort of thing so they can assess risk,” Colman said.

But Colman added, “That’s one thing, that’s voluntary. People agree to do that. Another thing is when the federal government decides that they want to track your vehicle everywhere you go.”

The idea of more taxes and less privacy has drivers talking.

“I think we pay enough in taxes to pay for our roads,” said driver Nicole Cheroff.

Brendan Mitchell disagreed. “Oh, I drive a lot but I’d rather the highways be in good shape than be in the condition that they are are right now.”

Right now, drivers pay for roads every time they pump gas. But Channel 2 consumer adviser Clark Howard said that can be unfair. He drives a hybrid and hardly uses any gas.

Oregon, Texas and Washington state are already considering a tax based on the miles people drive.