Atlanta Dog Bite Lawyer

What happens if I get attacked or bit by a dog?

Typically the owner of the dog is responsible for that dog’s behavior and they have the duty to exercise reasonable care with respect to their dog.

Once a dog has attacked or be threatening or has bitten someone previously, the owner is going to be responsible for any subsequent bites that dog inflicts on people, and we have many cases where dogs have bitten children or other adults after it was known to be an aggressive dog and typically those types of claims will be covered by home owners insurance so that if a pet has attacked someone and the owner of the dog is the owner of a home, the homeowners insurance policy can be used to pay damages to the person that was attached. If the person does not have homeowners insurance coverage, they are usually responsible themselves to pay the damages. But unless they have resources that are sufficient to pay those types of damages, it’s difficult to pursue cases where there is no insurance.

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