The parents of a developmentally disabled man said they intend to sue the city of Elberton for a cruel prank that they said was committed on their son while he was on the job last year.

They contacted Channel 2 Action News this week out of frustration over the way authorities have handled the incident.

“It was torture. It was abuse,” said Carey Dutton. Dutton is the father of 24-year old Chris Teasley.

He told Channel 2 Action News reporter Tom Regan that a supervisor at Elberton Utility coerced his son to place a wet cord on his groin and toss the cord on a live electrical wire in a plant warehouse.

Dutton provided Regan with cell phone video of the incident. It shows Teasley tossing a cord on the wire, and then recoiling following a spark.

“Did you feel like you had been electrocuted?” asked Regan.

“Yeah, it felt like I got bit. Like I was pulling a power line. It hurt that much,” said Teasley.

Teasley told Regan he was only doing what his bossed asked him to do. His parents said what happened was criminal, considering their son’s mental capability. They are demanding that his supervisor be fired.

They said the young man has the cognitive skills of a third-grade student. Regan reviewed Teasley’s psychological evaluation. It showed “impaired Adaptive Functioning,” and an IQ of 61.

“Chris has a learning disability and will do anything anyone tells him,” said Dutton.

Teasley’s mother said her son still suffers.

“I have put him on medication three times a day. I have to take him to counseling. It has really affected him,” said Robin Dutton.

Regan went to see the director of Elberton Utility for some answers. He said he had heard about incident.

“Have you seen the video? I can show it to you. Would you like to see it?” Regan asked him.

“No” replied David Hudson, director of Elberton Utility. Hudson referred Regan to City Manager Lanier Dunn. He declined to comment saying there was an ongoing investigation.

Elberton’s police chief said he had completed an investigation and turned it over the district attorney. He said the district attorney declined to prosecuted and said it was a civil matter. The parents said they are not satisfied and plan to take the city to court.

“I want justice,” said Robin Dutton.