A DeKalb County pastor discovered vandals trashed the inside of his church and a man appointed to stand guard was missing on Friday.

Pastor Easton Brooks told Channel 2’s Darryn Moore that someone broke into Increasing Faith Ministries on Rainbow Circle and ransacked every room.

Pastor Finds DeKalb Church Vandalized

“Fax machines, computers, everything is totally gone. It’s a shame to see how people have no respect at all for the house of the Lord,” Brooks said.

Brooks told Moore he isn’t sure if anything has been stolen, but he showed Moore where vandals destroyed the pulpit, smashed mirrors, knocked holes in the wall and destroyed the choir’s musical instruments.

“These are very expensive keyboards and they are totally ruined. I’m totally lost for words. I don’t know what to say,” Brooks said.

A church member at the church overnight to protect against vandalism also disappeared, Brooks said. The pastor said Randolph Morgan’s car was parked outside the church on Friday morning and a strange note was left behind that read “Love you all, thought you cared for me.”

Brooks is working in cooperation with DeKalb County police to find suspects. He told Moore he will continue to pray for the people who vandalized this church.