ATLANTA — An observant police officer who quickly helped make an arrest after a midtown Atlanta night club shooting was upstaged by a cell phone that likely saved a man’s life.

Sgt. Robert Altertini told Channel 2’s Kerry Kavanaugh he was patrolling near Sixth and West Peachtree Streets when he heard gunshots near Halo Night Club.

“Rarely do we hear the shots when they’re fired; we’re usually called to a scene,” said Altertini. “There were people running around. I radioed in that there were shots fired.”

Authorities said two men were kicked out of the club early Thursday, but returned with guns and opened fire. Witnesses pointed the men out to Altertini, who helped make the arrests.

A valet from the club told police he was shot but not hurt. The bullet had actually hit the valet’s cell phone in a breast pocket and stopped, police said.

“It doesn’t usually end this way, he’s very lucky in fact,” said Alterini.

Police told Kavanaugh they pulled a pair of handguns from the suspects’ SUV.

Officers said they were not sure if the valet was the target of the gunfire or just hit by a random bullet.