ATLANTA — Tyler Perry took to his message board to vent after burglars attempted to break into his Atlanta mansion in the days leading up to Christmas.“I will be on the phone with the D.A.’s office and the Chief of Police in a little bit,” Perry wrote, adding that he wants those responsible “prosecuted to the fullest.

”The security breach occurred just as Perry, who is still mourning the loss of his mother, said his holiday had hit a high note after surprising a group of needy teens from a metro Atlanta orphanage with a shopping spree.“I took all of these children to a Target. I gave each one a shopping cart and told them to go and fill it with whatever they wanted. I’m thinking they are going to go for the video games, toys, make-up and things that teenagers are into. I was shocked because most of them went for cases of water and juice. Then they went on to undershirts, underwear, deodorant, soap, etc.

All the things we take for granted were huge for them,” wrote Perry.Then the attempted break-in occurred.“At about 3 a.m. my phone rings. I answered and I hear this voice say, ‘Sir, I need you to be alert. There are three intruders on the property.’ It was my security. I sat straight up thinking, ‘You have got to be kidding me!’” wrote Perry.

“What happened to making your own way? What happened to honesty and integrity? What happened to doing the right thing so that God can bless you? Man, this made me upset!”“I will give ’till I can’t give anymore. That’s my heart. But to try and rob, or steal from me! If all three of them were looking for trouble, they found it!” wrote Perry.Atlanta police arrested Chloe Ware, 18, and said two others were being sought.