A police raid at a local bar is under investigation after customers say officers crossed the line.

Witnesses told Channel 2’s Mark Winne authorities broke down the door and detained everyone inside, even forcing some people to the floor.

It happened inside Ruby’s Sanabelia Lounge.

The club’s lawyer alleged if the city had learned from another controversial club raid months before, this might never have happened.

“Next thing I know they were beating the door down, like they was coming in to get bin Laden or somebody,” said Dee Piersion, who is a bookkeeper at the bar.

“A lot of the people here are very disturbed by the fact that the city won’t even talk to them about a settlement when they paid a significant amount of money for the raid of a gay bar,” attorney Dan Grossman said.

Jonathan Culberson said as his band broke down their equipment, authorities broke down the door.

“They was talking real ugly up in here, man. If it was in Buckhead, they wouldn’t even be here,” Culberson said.

That’s when witnesses said Atlanta police came rushing in.

Lester Pippens said he was the cook that night but got cuffed. Winne asked Pippens if he was doing anything illegal. Pippens said “No sir.”

Pippens also said he was never charged with anything.

Pierson said she was also involved in the raid.

“I asked the female cop, I said, ‘I have to use the restroom; I have a bad bladder.’ (The officer replied) ‘Shut the hell up. You ain’t goin’ nowhere!’”

A brief statement from the Atlanta Police Department said, “The Office of Professional Standards is currently conducting an investigation.”

An incident report indicates officers responded to a bar/nightclub operating after hours.

The report also said, through a window patrons were observed consuming alcohol and eating.

The incident report said, “I banged on the door several times advising ‘Atlanta police!’ — however, no one would respond to the door.”

The report indicated that continued for more than 20 minutes and lights and sirens were activated.

Carlos Brooks was arrested in the incident and charged with obstruction and sale of alcohol on Sunday.

Books said he “didn’t know the police was out there till the door was kicked in.”

Brooks told Winne he did nothing wrong.

“Even if every word in the police report is true, the officers still broke the law,” Grossman said.

Grossman said police didn’t have a search warrant and needed one. He said police violated the rights of the people suspected of no crime much like the Atlanta Eagle gay bar case, where the city paid more than $1 million settlement.

“And yet the city won’t even talk to us about settlement,” Grossman said.

“I been here 30 years. I think they need to investigate and see what’s going on, and I think they owe me an apology,” said Ruby Toliver, who is co-owner of the bar.

Grossman said Toliver was not there during the raid and the club denies serving liquor after hours.

In an email, Eric Richardson with the city attorney’s office said an OPS investigation has been initiated. Until the investigation is complete, the city cannot comment.