ATLANTA — A man accused of taking police on a wild chase with a 5-month-old baby in the car is facing 18 different charges.Troopers said Marcus Jones, 24, created a lot of chaos Thursday night when he refused to give himself up.

Investigators said he stole a Jeep with a woman and baby inside.”He was driving in such an erratic manner,” said Trooper Ron Calvert. “He took us down several surface streets in downtown Atlanta.

“Jones then jumped on the downtown connector, exited again and hit two pedestrians while trying to get away. One of them was a 9-year-old boy. Jones later crashed head-on into a utility pole, police said. The vehicle’s air bag deployed.

But he still wasn’t ready to give up, police said. Troopers said Jones grabbed the infant and took off running.”He was captured by troopers a street over from where the crash occurred,” Calvert said. “When he was approached by the trooper, he made an allegation he was a Good Samaritan, and that the baby had been dropped by someone else.”

Channel 2 Action News reporter Amanda Cook tried to ask Jones a few questions, but he kept his head down and stayed quiet while sitting in the back of a patrol car.Cook went to the Fulton County Jail and learned that one of the 18 charges Jones faces is kidnapping.

Troopers said they found a small pile of drugs inside the stolen jeep.The baby was taken to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston and was said to be OK.