The damage of the Austrian Airlines Airbus A320 plane after flying through a hailstorm on Sunday, June 9, 2024. (Karl Boentner)

An Airbus A320 flew through a thunderstorm cell en route from Spain to Vienna.

Images depicting severe damage to the front of an Austrian Airlines aircraft have surfaced following its passage through a hailstorm, prompting the pilots to issue a “mayday distress call.” A spokesperson for the airline informed FOX Business that the Airbus A320, en route from Palma de Mallorca in Spain’s Balearic Islands to Austria, encountered an unexpected thunderstorm cell during its approach to Vienna, which was not detectable on the weather radar according to the cockpit crew.

“The hail caused significant damage to the two front cockpit windows, the aircraft nose, and various coverings, leading to the necessity of a Mayday distress call,” the spokesperson stated.

Post-landing photographs reveal a portion of the aircraft’s nose peeled off, with marks evident on the cockpit windows.

“All passengers aboard the flight remained unharmed. Austrian Airlines’ technical team has commenced an evaluation of the specific damage sustained by the aircraft,” the airline informed FOX Business.

Ensuring the safety of passengers and crew remains the airline’s foremost priority, as emphasized by the spokesperson.

Emmeley Oakley, a passenger identified by ABC News who was aboard the flight, recounted, “We were approximately 20 minutes from landing when we entered a hail and thunderstorm cloud, and turbulence ensued.”

“The impact of the hail on the aircraft was palpable, accompanied by intense noise and considerable turbulence for a brief period,” she added.

While some passengers expressed distress, Oakley noted the effective efforts of the cabin crew in reassuring them.

Oakley approximated that the aircraft spent roughly two minutes or even less traversing the hailstorm, resulting in a chaotic scene with “phones and cups” swirling about the cabin.