A man who called 911 to try and save a woman’s life says dispatchers sent rescuers to the wrong address.

The woman was trapped in a house that was being demolished. She died at the scene before crews could arrive to help her, neighbors said.

Nearly a month after the incident, rubble and even a backhoe remain at the demolition site.

Neighbors told Channel 2’s Tony Thomas it took emergency responders a very long time to get there that day and now the 911 tapes show there was a problem.

The very first words out of Randevyn Joyner’s mouth to 911 was the address near where he stood watching, Janice Durham, 51, died in the rubble.

In fact, Joyner repeated the correct address several times on the 911 dispatch tapes and the dispatcher did too.

Joyner: So, if you can send someone to that address they will be exactly where they need to be.

911 Dispatch: OK, they’re coming to you because I’ve got 68 Daniel Street is where they are coming.

Joyner: Yes. 68 Daniel Street southeast.

But a few minutes later, when the 911 dispatchers called Grady Ambulance to send paramedics, Daniel Street turns into Daniel Avenue.

Call to Grady: I’ve got 68 Daniel Avenue SE.

Daniel Avenue is several miles away from Daniel Street.

That small mistake could have really cost someone their life and that’s really disturbing, Joyner told Thomas.

It’s not until 10 minutes later, when a second 911 call comes in from Matt Garbett that dispatchers realize their mistake.

Dispatcher: Let me let them know to have them respond to that location cause that’s going to be Daniel and Gartell. Daniel Avenue is a different address.

Thomas asked Garbett, Do you think that would have made a difference? Garbett said, I’m not a doctor but it seems to be 18 minutes makes a big difference.

In all it took emergency responders 18 minutes from that first call to arrive on scene.

The house at the site was being demolished by a private company under a city contract.

A police spokesperson said dispatch supervisors are investigating the mistake.