Students and teachers walked the hallways for the last time at eight DeKalb County schools Friday.

In March, the DeKalb County School Board voted to adopt the superintendent’s plan to close eight schools as part of a redistricting effort, affecting 9,000 students. The schools in question are: Atheron, Glen Haven, Gresham Park, Peachcrest, Medlock and Sky Haven Elementary Schools; along with Avondale Middle School and Avondale High School.

Under Superintendent Ramona Tyson’s plan, eight schools will close.

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Six of them will be decommissioned; two of them will be put on inactive status, meaning they could open again in the future. Tyson has said the shutdowns would save the district $12 million a year and would reduce the number of open seats from 11,000 to 6,000.

The move also redraws school lines throughout the county.