Photo: Supplied/Brian Jokat

AUCKLAND – On March 11th, 2024, 50 people who were traveling on Latam Airlines flight 800 from Sydney to Auckland were injured and hospitalized after the Boeing jet experienced a “technical problem.” About 2 hours into the flight, the passengers on board felt a sudden drop.

Passenger Brian Jokat told New Zealand Stuff Outlet that “all of a sudden, the plane just dropped out of the sky.”

An arm injury from the accident. Photo: Supplied/Brian Jokat

Panic filled the atmosphere while passengers were covered with blood stains. Witnesses report that individuals were forcefully propelled towards the aircraft’s ceiling, with the interior allegedly stained with blood.

Jokat recounted waking up to find his seatmate suspended on the plane’s ceiling.

“His back is on the ceiling and he’s up in the air and then he drops down and hits his head on the armrest. The whole plane is screaming.”

“The plane then started taking a nose dive and I was just thinking ‘OK this is it, we’re done’.”

This accident left many flight crew members and passengers shocked and severely injured.

The aircraft touched down at Auckland Airport according to the planned schedule.

A representative from Auckland Airport verified that their Emergency Service team promptly addressed a medical support request from a Latam flight.

A spokesperson from Boeing stated, “We are actively gathering additional information about the flight and stand ready to offer any necessary support to our customer.”

St. John Ambulance reported that approximately 50 individuals received treatment at the airport, with one patient in serious condition and the rest in varying degrees of moderate to minor conditions.

LATAM Airlines Group expressed regret for the “inconvenience and injury” caused to its passengers.

The subsequent flight to Santiago, initially set to depart from Auckland Airport at 6:40 pm on Monday, was canceled.

A replacement flight, LA1130, has been arranged for Tuesday, departing from Auckland at 8 pm bound for Santiago.