Atlanta police are working to establish a connection between a deadly triple shooting and car crash on the same southwest Atlanta street.

The incidents left one person dead and six people hurt on McDaniel Street late Thursday.

“Multiple weapons, multiple shots were fired,” Atlanta police Capt. Paul Guerucci said.

Shortly after that, two cars collided, he said.

“Just before the accident, during a canvass, we did find an individual that was shot at least one time and killed on scene,” Guerucci said.

Officers found the man behind a house, shot him in the stomach. The second shooting victim was inside a Mercury Marquis. His two passengers and two people in a Buick were hurt when the cars crashed. Detectives said it may all be connected.

“It’s a possibility. We are examining that based on the close time proximity,” Guerucci said.

Officers said they don’t plan to file charges.